World Pediatric Project

World Pediatric Project strives to increase access to healthcare for children around the world. With such an important, high-stakes mission, World Pediatric Project needed a reliable, efficient solution. In January 2020, the non-profit implemented CommonThread as an alternative to their current system.

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Office Employee 2

Agile Software Development Made Simple

IdeaWeavers uses the Scrum version of Agile Development Methodology. We meet every two weeks to plan our sprints, hold daily standup meetings, and use story points to estimate every user story.

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Wellborne + Wright

Wellborn + Wright

Wellborn + Wright manufactures custom wood flooring and steel doors and windows. When he arrived at the company, COO Steve Smith inherited a home-grown process automation system that was complicated and disjointed. In 2016, Steve implemented CommonThread to replace the existing system.

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