The Productivity Solution Configured to Meet Your Needs

Workflows are the processes that businesses use to keep track of and complete work, from start to finish. Most companies use multiple, expensive software programs to let them streamline operations and measure their progress.

CommonThread seamlessly integrates into systems like document management, databases, e-mail, office automation products, GIS, production applications and more. By intertwining these systems into one, CommonThread brings “structure” to processes that would otherwise work independently and inefficiently. And it’s configured to meet individual company workflow needs. All at an affordable price.

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Simplify, automate, report and connect – all in one place.

We’ve learned that all types of businesses have basic, fundamental needs. That’s why CommonThread offers a healthy catalog of integrated, essential features that any organization needs to visualize their data efficiently and effectively.

  • Contacts: Store all contact information for access on any device
  • Affinity Groups: Group contacts for easy reporting and communication
  • Activities: Record what was done and set future due dates
  • Attachments: Store all documents relating to a contact, company or project
  • Calendars: Combine personal and business calendars into one view, synchronized with Outlook
  • Communications: Send emails through CommonThread to record every interaction
  • Workflows: Automate any business process, from pipeline to project, to ensure everything is done correctly
  • Reports: Create graphical reports using an easy drag-and-drop tool
  • Dashboards: Highlight graphs and charts visible on the home page and on any device
  • Online Help: Customize the help screens to meet your specific business needs
  • Administrator Access: Grant company leadership access to confidential information
  • Timecard Entry: Easily log work time in a grid view that shows all available projects on one screen
  • Knowledgebase: Store company best practice documents categorized for easy access

Customize CommonThread to your workflows for a more productive and profitable future.

We configure CommonThread’s non-essential features to your business — giving you exactly what you need, and none of the confusing or frustrating tools you don’t.

  • Leads: Import lists of leads to populate the contact database and convert into opportunities
  • Opportunities: Track the opportunity pipeline by defining color-coded opportunity phases
  • Estimates: Use templates to create customer-facing estimates
  • Campaigns: Coordinate blocks of emails sent to contacts for marketing and information
  • Sales Orders: Track all sales at the item level and associate the sales order with clients
  • Change Orders: Track changes to sales orders after they have been agreed to
  • Purchase Orders: Issue purchase orders for clients’ jobs to easily identify for whom the items have been ordered
  • RMAs: Issue and track items returned into inventory
  • Commissions: Calculate commissions based on complex sales rules
  • Events: Schedule, publish, and track the registration status of events. Integrate the event publication and registration with 3rd party websites
  • Registrations: Take registrations for events including fee payment
  • Memberships: For membership organizations, offer self-service to sign up and pay for memberships
  • Projects: Create robust project details including phase, deliverables, activities, and milestones
  • Inventory: Manage item-level inventory through receiving and counting processes
  • Work Orders: Schedule and bill resources including people, equipment, and inventory
  • Case Management: Accept and track inbound constituents for services like medical, drug, and addiction treatment
  • Incident Tracking: Accept and track inbound calls, resulting in issue resolution steps
  • Issues: Identify issues in the organization, prioritize them, and expose them through reporting
  • Matters: For legal entities, track all data needed for legal services
  • Receiving Lists: Receive inventory items, identifying the shipping vendor and resulting in vendor invoices to be paid
  • Timekeeping: View, edit, and export hourly data to a payroll system for paycheck generation
  • Issues: Identify issues in the organization, prioritize them, and expose them through reporting
  • Risks: Identify and expose project risks through color-coded reporting
  • Team Members: Add staff and client members to a team on a project to automatically communicate project status
  • Invoices: Generate invoices for hours spent on a project, inventory items delivered in a work order, or percent complete work done on a job
  • Credit Memos: Issue credit memos to offset the amounts billed to clients through invoices
  • Budgets: Establish project budgets so that projects can be tracked against the plan
  • Forecasting: Establish project budgets so that projects can be tracked against the plan
  • Payments: Accept payments against invoices or registrations using PayPal or other 3rd party payment systems
  • Timecard Export: Export hourly timecard data to a payroll system for paycheck generation
  • Employees: Track employee HR data including participation in projects and other activities
  • Employee Actions: Take action on employees including onboarding process, promotion and separation
  • Employee Reviews: Store all employee HR reviews to comply with legal requirements
  • Skills: Identify and track employee skills for matching to projects
  • Training: Build an employee or client training curriculum including tracking of who completed what and when
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CommonThread Integrations

1. Quickbooks® Integration

CommonThread’s Quickbooks integration enables bi-directional communication between the two systems. For example, you can simplify billing by sending invoices from CommonThread to Quickbooks, stop maintaining inventory items in multiple systems, and even transmit payroll time entries from CommonThread to Quickbooks.

2. Outlook® Integration

With CommonThread’s bi-directional Outlook integration, your events and scheduled activities in CommonThread can be automatically synchronized with Outlook, and email sent and received through CommonThread can be captured in your Outlook email folders.

3. 3rd Party System Integration

Have a 3rd party accounting system, ERP, timekeeping, or custom database? CommonThread can integrate with nearly every database through CSV file transfers or, if the 3rd party system supports it, an application programming interface.