Accessia HealthCase Study

Accessia Health has pioneered the patient assistance model for people living with chronic medical conditions for over 3 decades. They provide financial assistance to pay for prescriptions, medical treatments and expenses, travel and insurance premiums and have distributed over $1.1 billion to date. Their program services include healthcare education, specialized legal services, and case management.


Accessia Health's Problem

The company faced several challenges with its data management and workflow processes. They were considering either hiring more employees or piecemealing services from several different and expensive tools. They had data scattered across different locations and relied on manual efforts to compile and update it, which was time-consuming and prone to errors. Additionally, they had struggled to find a vendor who understood their complex needs.

IdeaWeavers' Solution

IdeaWeavers was able to listen, understand, and efficiently address their complex needs through their Quick Focus sessions. The IdeaWeavers team was able to connect all of their siloed data then designed and implemented customized and efficient workflows via their CommonThread tool. These effort resulted in minimized labor intensive and complex processes, allowed for separate databases to be efficiently connected and updated, improved communications through real-time dashboards, dramatically reduced the number of errors, streamlined operations, and improved overall efficiency for the Accessia Health team.