At IdeaWeavers, we're passionate about efficient productivity.

Founded in 1999 and based in Richmond, Virginia, IdeaWeavers is a proud long-term partner with many companies from a variety of industries. We help our clients operate at maximum efficiency while gaining the confidence and time needed to improve their business and grow revenue.


Meet Our Leadership Team

Bill Bennett, IdeaWeavers

Bill Bennett, President

Fueled by a passion for simple, understandable design and a love for people and community, Bill Bennett launched IdeaWeavers in 1999. Since then, he has built a reputation for solid solutions, friendly working relationships and community support. Bill continues to lead the company and enjoys seeing the many ways IdeaWeavers’ clients have put CommonThread to work.

Eric Matson, IdeaWeavers

Eric Matson, Chief Technical Officer

IdeaWeavers’ CTO, Eric Matson has been creating and improving on IdeaWeavers’ solution, CommonThread, for more than a decade. His thoughtful, clear-cut design underlays the success of CommonThread.

Don Moro, IdeaWeavers

Don Moro, Chief Operating Officer

IdeaWeavers’ Chief Operating Officer, Don Moro, believes that relationships and trust are the foundation of a successful sales strategy. With more than two decades of experience in sales, implementation and support, Don’s mission is to ensure successful installations of CommonThread.

Community Involvement

Our team at IdeaWeavers believes that it is important to support each other and our community.
We are proud to support nonprofit groups that support this idea, such as:

Our Values


We help our clients make the most productive decisions to help deliver real value as a true long-term partner.


We listen carefully to our clients to effectively define their core issues and offer the most productive and helpful solutions.


Our methodology is built on a breadth of technical and business experience. This allows us to rapidly identify our clients’ most critical needs providing them with the simplest and most productive solutions for their company.


For teams of any size, working in an office or remotely, we pride ourselves in minimizing chaos to give our customers the confidence and time needed to improve their business and grow revenue.