Weinstein PropertiesCase Study

Weinstein Properties is a long-standing, family-owned property management group that has grown to over 19,000 units and more than 600 employees throughout Texas, Virginia, and North Carolina.


Weinstein Properties’ Problem

Their rate of growth combined with the ever increasing needs of their tenants was pushing them beyond the capacity and capability of their custom-coded property management database. Weinstein Properties was at a crossroads where they either had to invest heavily in an all-new custom database requiring new and specialized employees to operate it or a simpler and more efficient solution.

IdeaWeavers' Solution

With CommonThread, Weinstein Properties found the efficiency and productivity they needed without a large capital investment. IdeaWeavers was able to quickly integrate CommonThread into their ongoing processes which gave their existing team the freedom to quickly create and deploy forms, modules, and even entirely new workflows on their own without any external involvement. This has enabled Weinstein Properties to react very quickly to pandemic-related issues such as rent deferrals and complying with state-based rental assistance programs while future-proofing themselves for additional growth.