Moxie MoversCase Study

Moxie Movers is an award-winning and independently owned residential moving company that was founded in 2011. Their main goal is to make moving a safe, efficient, and positive experience.


Moxie Movers’ Problem

Along with accolades and a positive reputation, Moxie Movers was experiencing growth beyond the capabilities of their manual-based scheduling, invoicing, timekeeping and payroll systems. Initially they believed that they would have to hire and train extra office staff to accommodate the volume of work but soon realized there was a better solution to their challenges.

IdeaWeavers' Solution

IdeaWeavers was able to quickly evaluate the “pen and paper” process that Moxie Movers had been relying on up to that point. They then replicated it exactly within their CommonThread software to quickly integrate their full workflow including external move request forms, scheduling of moving crews, tracking of hours and even materials. Instead of hiring more people, Moxie Movers discovered significant efficiencies and improved reporting and workflows utilizing the existing people that were on their staff. Moxie Movers has since been able to easily integrate invoices, payroll tracking, on-line credit card payments and digital client signatures within the CommonThread platform.