Synapse HubsCase Study

Synapse Hubs is a networking organization that facilitates meaningful connections between businesses and nonprofit groups to foster community and economic development. Their philosophy of “Networking with a Purpose” has helped them grow throughout the Mid-Atlantic with plans to expand in Europe as well.


Synapse Hubs' Problem

As their growth accelerated so did the demands of their managers and leadership team requiring 40 to 50 hours of manual work per month to simply facilitate meeting invites. Synapse was facing the choice of either adding staff to handle the increasing workload or finding a way to add automation to their processes.

IdeaWeavers' Solution

After meeting with four other vendors offering expensive, custom-coded solutions, the team at Synapse Hubs chose IdeaWeavers. The simplicity, flexibility, and affordability of the CommonThread software made the choice clear. Synapse Hubs found much more than just simple automation of their workflows, within CommonThread they also found the ability to incorporate invoicing, payments, and even new member applications within one real-time dashboard. The net savings on manpower alone has allowed Synapse Hubs to accelerate their growth plans, easily incorporate virtual meetings during COVID shutdowns, and spend more time bringing purpose to their networking sessions.