Tribunus HealthCase Study

Tribunus Health advocates for leading healthcare providers seeking to improve the delivery of their critical services in partnership with managed care organizations through the negotiation of payer contracts.


Tribunus Health's Problem

Tribunus Health has seen impressive growth across the county including customers, employees, and partners. In doing so they quickly outgrew their reliance on shared Google Sheets and manual reporting to keep their finance and executive teams connected and up to date. With manual errors and inefficiencies on the rise, not to mention a lack of scalability, Tribunus needed improved systems of support and reporting.

IdeaWeavers' Solution

IdeaWeavers was able to integrate Tribunus’ existing data into CommonThread starting early in 2022. The result has been better data and reporting for all members of the Tribunus Health team plus easier client management across all markets as they continue to grow. These efficiencies were made without Tribunus having to change the core methodology that has made them so unique in their industry. The need for manual updates and time wasted generating reports on critical business functions has vanished allowing them more time for client care and innovation among their entire team throughout multiple markets.