World Pediatric ProjectCase Study

World Pediatric Project (WPP) is an international non-profit headquartered in Richmond, whose mission is to heal critically ill children and build healthcare capacity in the world.


WPP’s Problem

WPP used a custom-programmed, yet out of date, client-server patient database to coordinate client care, document medical services provided, and measure overall programs’ outcomes. Updates and changes were becoming expensive, the system was not easy to access remotely, and new users found it to be intimidating and complicated. Above all, WPP needed more efficiency to effectively meet the demands of their growing programs and reach more children sooner.

IdeaWeavers' Solution

IdeaWeavers was asked to replace the patient database, and a new implementation of CommonThread was deployed in January 2020. The first thing that users noticed was the fresh new user interface that relied on CommonThread’s unique “Action” button to guide them through tasks with a predefined workflow. When the Covid-19 Pandemic hit in March 2020, WPP was able to continue managing patients because everyone could access the cloud-based system from their homes and their mobile devices. As challenges and opportunities presented themselves during 2020 CommonThread was able to easily grow with WPP.