The Poetry of Business

All businesses sell products, services or time. However, every business has unique (and changing) needs. We designed CommonThread to contain the most essential elements used by any business and made flexible and scalable to adapt to any situation quickly.

Scalable Business Solutions

CommonThread is a robust, modular business management platform designed to support typical business situations easily.

From Customer and Project tracking to advanced Inventory Management and Financial modeling, CommonThread provides you with the flexibility and scalability to expand with your business.

Our cloud-based platform makes it easily accessible across all devices including mobile technology.

  • Improve communication across all business units
  • Leverage real-time reporting for operational decision making
  • Grow your business needs using flexible configurations instead of lengthy system rebuilds
  • Adapt as your business changes

Work as a Team

CommonThread provides a central place for your team to work together and to build organizational knowledge.

  • Clear guidance to staff on work processes
  • Eliminate redundant data entry
  • Activities give people clear direction on what is expected by when
  • Consistent communication and experiences for clients

The Primary Dimensions of Business

The Modules in CommonThread represent the primary elements or dimensions that any organization needs to conduct business. The modules are highly configurable to reflect the language, processes and reporting needs of your business. This framework gives you incredible flexibility in data capture, screen layout, workflow processes and data analysis.


Work as a team

Build organizational knowledge

Create reports easily

  • Contact Management
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Project/Activity Management
  • Data Rooms
  • Time Tracking
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Become a mature organization

  • Contact Management
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Project/Activity Management
  • Data Rooms
  • Time Tracking
  • Workflow Tools
  • Business Management
  • Resource Planning
  • Human Resources
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Maintain records for financial reporting

  • Contact Management
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Project/Activity Management
  • Data Rooms
  • Time Tracking
  • Workflow Tools
  • Business Management
  • Resource Planning
  • Human Resources
  • Inventory Management
  • Storefront
  • Purchases Order/Sales
  • Order/Invoice
  • Financial Modeling
  • QuickBooks Integration
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Foundation Work as a team/build organizational knowledge/easy reporting

The Foundation Modules are the most essential dimensions that any organization should manage. These modules are also the easiest for people to understand and start working with immediately.

  • CRM
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Project/Activity Management
  • Data Rooms
  • Time Tracking

Professional Become a mature organization

The Professional Edition modules are for businesses that are more mature and require monitoring on several levels. This is also for defining workflow processes to share with your team and alert the proper people when exceptions occur.

  • Workflow Tools
  • Business Management (Agreements, Incidents, Risk Management)
  • Resource Planning (Assets, Allocations/Schedules)
  • Human Resources (Skills, Goals, Review)

Commerce Keeping records for financial reporting

The Commerce Modules are the most involved but also provide the most benefit to a business. These modules are used to support integration with any accounting system.

  • Inventory/Lot Management
  • Storefront
  • Invoicing
  • Purchase Order/Sales Order/Invoicing
  • Financial Modeling
  • QuickBooks Integration

Unify Organizational Activity

CommonThread supports all major business functions. You can get started quickly for collaboration, record keeping and reporting or configure deeply for business workflow processes, advanced analysis and integrations.

Contact Management

One of the most important elements of business is keeping track of people and companies. CommonThread provides you a cloud based way to share contact and communication information.

  • Store all important contact (phone, address) information on people and companies
  • Record and share any communications with your team
  • Track last contact and next contact dates to make sure you keep in touch with the most important people

Management Reporting

You need accurate and timely information to help you make decisions. CommonThread provides you the tools you need to gain deeper insight into your operations.

  • Drag and drop report and graph builders
  • Use business objects or compound views as data sources
  • Extend easily for data warehouse
  • Publish dashboards for focused analysis

Sales Pipeline Management

Gain insight into the actions of your Sales team. Provide the tools to consistently gain new business.

  • See all sales activity in one place
  • Produce reports
  • Provide tools for consistently evaluating and closing new business

Program Management

Getting your people to work as a team is critical for success. CommonThread provides you with a unified view of all of your projects. All Activities, Hours, Status Reviews and Documents are associated with a Project.

  • See the status of all projects in one view
  • Assign and track activities for staff
  • Record time worked
  • Attach documents to central repository

Inventory Management

CommonThread has all the elements needed to properly manage your inventory.

  • Track SKU's, Lots
  • Restock using the purchase orders and receiving modules
  • Perform work orders, assemblies, repairs
  • Use the sales orders, packing and shipping tools for fulfillment


Many businesses use QuickBooks for accounting but find that it does not help them with workflow processes and reporting is difficult. The Commerce Edition of CommonThread allows you to keep your team focused on their job and to write records to QuickBooks when required for Accounting.

  • Pull data from QuickBooks to quickly populate CommonThread modules
  • Generate, review and send customer invoices in CommonThread and automatically send to QuickBooks
  • Use CommonThread's inventory management tools to alert you for re-stocking
  • Generate sales orders and fulfillment process through eStorefront

Only What You Need

CommonThread is highly configurable. The most essential parts of the system (menu, universal search, screen layouts, business rules) are configurable by simply checking boxes and changing labels.

Get Started Quickly! Foundation Configuration and Training

Getting a new system into production is a major undertaking for any organization. We are here to help you. IdeaWeavers has over 15 years of experience in helping businesses understand their most critical data, processes and reports. We focus on getting your system up and running very quickly.

We meet with your team in order to get everyone in your organization using CommonThread. We help your team focus on the most critical data, screen layouts and reporting. Using the Foundation tools will help your team work together more effectively and will build your organizational knowledge.

Workflow Processes

The Workflow Process tools in CommonThread allow you to define the most important functions for your business. Provide clear guidance to your staff. Ensure customer experiences are consistent.

  • Indentify lead source and purchasing activity
  • Introduce online sales activity to your organization
  • Communicate with new and existing clients and maintain branding

Go Deep / Advanced Configurations CommonThread Can Adapt To Any Business Process

CommonThread is able to work with almost any Legacy system. Our framework allows you to incorporate custom integrations while remaining on the base platform.

  • Document Templates
  • Integrations